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Goodfood Specialities is a trusted name in the industry, which is engaged in supplying and exporting anhydrous milk fat, butter oil, butter and clarified butter fat. In addition to this, we also supply dairy creamer, full cream milk powder and skimmed milk powder. We offer butter oil, which is hygienically processed and packed by our team of experienced employees. Moreover, our expertise in providing anhydrous milk fat, clarified butter and dairy creamer has allowed us to gain a huge clientele all over world. We serve full cream milk powder that is stringently checked for qual Read more...

  • Product Range

  • Butter Oil
    Anhydrous Milk fat (or Butter Oil) is a concentration of milk fat (made using cream or butter) and created by removing the moisture and the nonfat...

    Total Fat Content: Min. 99.8 %

    Humidity: Max. 0.1 %

    Free Fatty Acids: Max. 0.3 %

    Peroxide Value: Max. 0.2 meq/kg Fat

    Copper: Max. 0.05 mg/kg

  • Butter
    Butter is a dairy product with high butterfat content. It is made by churning fresh or fermented cream or milk to separate the butterfat from the...

    Butter Fat: 82% Min.

    Moisture: 15% Min.

    PH: 5.8 Min.

    FFA: 1.2 Max.

    Yeast and Mould: 10.0 Max.

  • Skimmed Milk Powder
    Skimmed Milk Powder is manufactured by evaporating milk to dryness with a maxium fat of 1.5% and is widely known for its freshness and long shelf...

    Colour: Off white

    Titratable Acidity: Max. 0.15

    Scorched Particles: Max. Disc B (15.0 mg)

    Protein: 34.00 %

    Fat: < 1.25 %

  • Full Cream Milk Powder
    Full Cream Milk Powder contains around 26% milk fat and is manufactured by pasteurising and making homogenous fresh liquid milk. Full cream milk...

    Colour: white / creamy

    Scorched Particles: Disc B ( 15.0 mg )

    Solubility Index max.: 0.50 ml

    Titrable Acidity max.: 0.15 %

    Protein: > 26.0 %


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